Climbing high

Soon you’ll see

Life laid out

A tapestry

Lights strewn

Vast array

Beaming energy

Translucent spray

Nighttime journey

Amid soft chatter

Thoughts drift

To those who matter




Coat of many colors

Life of twists and turns

Reaching for perfection

How the spirit yearns

But perfection’s not so simple

No matter how you strive

So just delight in knowing


You’re a miracle

You’re alive



Dance to the rhythm

You were born to own

Don’t let others

Set the tone

Live your destiny

Play your song

Create the symphony

That makes you strong

Sway to your beat

Swing on your cue

And remember this

There’s only one you



Paint your life

In broad, bold strokes

Paint it with your zeal

But don’t forget all the folks

You need to keep it real

Because life is not successful

For success’ sake

Life is proven fruitful

By the mark you make

So sow good things

Your whole life long

Be strong and kind and true

So when your life is over

A lovely self you drew



True blue faithful

Never far from me

He knows me in and out

He loves so patiently

Dog is God spelled backwards

Don’t think that’s happenstance

When God made Dog

He must have said

Care for her my loyal one

Until I have the chance