Jingle in my pocket

Hear a penny or two

Searching for some more

Need something fun to do

Isn’t life like

That poor little penny

Don’t value it much

Until you don’t have any




Face your fears

Don’t delay

Slay your dragons

Have your say

When you do

Fear melts away

Don’t back down

Rule the day



sleep 2

Had a dream

Not so nice

Fell off a cliff

Not once but twice

Had a dream

Was definitely better

The postman rang

And gave me a letter

The letter read

Take a bow

Don’t you see

The fun begins now

Then I saw

A purple pig

Who was off in a flash

And really quite big

Then comes along

That prancing horse

With a twinkle in her eye

That shows no remorse

Next in line was the dapper frog

How handsome he was

Riding that dog

Then came I

Dancing and singing

When I think of that dream

I keep grinning and grinning