Life is short
Way too brief
So make it count
Beyond belief




Your challenge arrives

A battle to wage

Your hour has come

The world your stage

Seize the moment

Don’t delay

Your dream is calling

Today’s the day



sleep 2

Had a dream

Not so nice

Fell off a cliff

Not once but twice

Had a dream

Was definitely better

The postman rang

And gave me a letter

The letter read

Take a bow

Don’t you see

The fun begins now

Then I saw

A purple pig

Who was off in a flash

And really quite big

Then comes along

That prancing horse

With a twinkle in her eye

That shows no remorse

Next in line was the dapper frog

How handsome he was

Riding that dog

Then came I

Dancing and singing

When I think of that dream

I keep grinning and grinning